Keel and Curley Engagement Photos, Ayralynne + Andrew

May 20, 2015

Keel and Curley Engagement

Ayralynn and Andrew

This session at Keel and Curley was SO MUCH FUN! This session lasted all morning, we took pictures, got a private tour of the winery. We drank more wine haha. Seriously I had such a good time, I spent hours getting to know the both of them and it was so easy to capture sweet moments.

Keel and Curley Vineyard


check out their wedding here

From Ayralynne:

I can’t say enough on how great Ashley was as our wedding photographer! She is such a great person to work with. She took amazing photos of us and our family on our special day! Since our ceremony was a Catholic Ceremony, photos in the church can be very restrictive. Above all, Ashley was GREAT! Likewise, Ashley was very punctual for the entire process to engagement photos to wedding day to portraits. It was so great that our photographer did a great job on making sure our day had no added stress. Especially when there is enough stress going on that day!
Above all, Ashley  was all about the “moment” and that really stuck out for me.  Since she didn’t constantly pull us away from our reception to take posed pictures, we have amazing photos. Also, we enjoyed our wedding (HUGE DEAL)! I will say that I was very particular when it came to picking a photographer. After meeting over 25 photographers, I had one and a half years to plan a wedding. I finally made the decision to go with Ashley based on her professional attitude. Since she was upbeat, very outgoing, & friendly I trusted her to take amazing photos. On my wedding day, she delivered. She was not restricting or frazzled when it came to a wedding day schedule
I did not want a schedule to police me. Especially on my wedding day. I also wanted to enjoy my husband and take it all in. Which was one thing that I noticed while interviewing other photographers; they were really uptight about the wedding day schedule and how/when we needed to pose for photos. Also, other photographer mentioned 5 minute limits with this family member and that for photos (HOLY)!
Not only is she a great photographer and her pictures come out beautifully, but she is also a great person to work with and we really became close! Likewise, the experience was well worth it! Also, I can honestly say that Ashley well outperformed the 5.0 rating (there should be an added option for plusses and stars).

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