Me and/or my partner doesn’t like taking pictures.. I get it, taking professional images can be intimidating especially if you don’t even like taking pictures to begin with. I stay away from stiff posing, and try to just have fun with you guys, creating  fun and natural looking images. Sometimes I even suggest we grab a drink or bite to eat before hand, giving us the opportunity to get comfy with each other. We will spend the majority of our time going around, chatting and joking and by the end of session you really won’t feel like you just spend an hour taking professional images.    What is your booking process? Fill out the inquiry form and once this is complete I will send you a brochure and full galleries via my client management system Honeybook. Select the coverage, or items you are interested in and I will then ask you if you have any more questions for me, or if you’d like to set up a Facetime or phone call to talk about anything else. Since I try to answer a lot of questions on my website, sometimes the phone call is just to make a verbal connection! If you are ready to book I will email you a proposal that I need signed, and your retainer to be paid. Your retainer, will be 1/3 of your package, and I will now take that date off the calendar making it unavailable for others to hire me 😉  Do you do venue walk throughs with us? Have you shot at our venue and does it make a difference? No, I do not do walk throughs. It’s great to be familiar with a venue, but I always show up early before my start time to scout the venue and check out photo spots for the day EVEN if it’s a venue I have already worked at. Doing a walk through months ahead of time when the venue is usually empty and not even set up for a wedding is silly FOR ME. I understand why couples and other vendors might need to do this. The weather and lighting and even the venue space will be completely different from when we would do a walk through and when your actual wedding day is happening. It is silly for me to use that time doing a walkthrough, but I encourage you to take pictures and send anything over to me via email, or text that you absolutely feel like I need to know. I love being a part of the process with you! I am just busy and want to make sure I am spending my time on the right and most important things. How many images do I receive and how do I get them? All images are delivered through a private online gallery link. I will email this to you within 2-4 weeks from your event- you can share this link with family and friends (technology is AWESOME! 🙌 ) You will receive all of your images! If its good, it’s yours. Whats a bad photo? Test shots, blurry shots, unflattering images/poses, mid-blinking etc. I don’t send those because seeing bad images next to your good ones, kinda makes the good ones suck too. On average I can deliver between 750-1000 images a wedding, this really depends on how much coverage you have, if there was a second shooter or not. I may even deliver over 1000+ images it just soles depends on the flow of your day. P.S NO WATERMARKS  
      Do you offer albums and prints? All packages include your digitals files! With that, your online gallery will have a ’shop’ that you can purchase prints, albums, cards and all kinds of tangible products! I am always more then happy to help you with any albums and product questions you may have. The pricing does vary but you are able to view all the pricing through your store, and even the sample galleries I send you when you inquire. Print your pictures and hang them everywhere! ❤️ Do you meet with us before booking? I love being able to connect with my couples and set aside a time to meet via Skype or FaceTime before you book to answer any questions you might have and to get to know each other on a more personal basis. While I used to meet with all of my couples before booking, my schedule and demand no longer allows me to do this BEFORE booking. After you book- we will make time to grab drinks or a lunch once or twice before your wedding. I also encourage you to follow/ add me on social media! Do I have the copyright to my images? No. Copy right and printing rights are two separate things. This is pretty common and an industry standard for a photographer to always have the rights to the images. What this means is that I can use your images on my website and social media or however I see fit. Just like you visted my website and looked through bodies of work, future clients will go through your wedding gallery and decide if they would like to hire me. You do not have to purchase anything extra from me- you will receive ALL of your images, and you will be able to print and share them however you would like. What if we don’t want you to share our wedding photos on your website? Just like you visited my site, and looked through other couples galleries and decided that you wanted to hire me. Other couples in the future would do that with yours. I make a living by being able to market my work online for future couples to book me. If you do not want me to share your images online, or with future couples, I respect your decision and privacy and will have to charge a disclosure fee.  What kind of insurance do you have, what does it cover?  I have liability insurance for my business, this protect you and I if any accidents were to happen on the day of your wedding, or at the venue. Most venues do require professionals to carry insurance and one month prior to you wedding all of this information is sent over to them. Whats your associate for? Ana is available to shoot weddings if you have inquired with me and I am already booked. Instead of sending you a list of other photographers who are available but won’t take care of you like me, I have Ana. Ana is so talented, professional, and fun, and believes in all of the same customer service values that I do. When you hire Ana to work your wedding under my brand, you get both of us.  We are both here to answer and questions you have, help you with timelines etc. I (Ashley) will still edit all of your wedding images and deliver within the 2-5 weeks. Ana is always chosen in the beginning of the inquiry, I would never book a couple and then send an associate in order to take another wedding. You will no from the beginning if Ana is who you want or not. The Bluestone bed and Basecamp wedding, The Bluestone bed and Basecamp, Intimate Upstate New York wedding photos, New York Wedding Photo Ideas, Unique New York Wedding Venues, Intimate Wedding Venues, Cool Wedding Venue Ideas, Ashley Izquierdo, Tampa Wedding Photographer, Tampa Wedding Photographers, Best New York wedding photographs, Best New York Wedding photographer  

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