Being a wedding photographer for me, has always been about delivering an over the top and great experience, and making a connection with couples early on. I also want to make sure that on top of having this great experience together I am looking to deliver a great product that you and your families will always have. From the first email, your wedding day, to the final delivery of your images, I got ya back.


  • WHAT YOU GET: no matter what hourly coverage you need, you will always receive ALL of your wedding images. I know ALL of them might sound like a lot.. and don’t worry, I go through and erase the blurry, to bright, or to dark type of images. I usually average about 65-80 images per hour!Your gallery is delivered online within two-three weeks (industry average is between 6-12 weeks, ouchhh) You will be able to download images to your computer, share your images on FB, and share the gallery link with friends and family. What I love about your online gallery is that there is a store attached to it, so you can print and create all kinds of gifts, and heirlooms right there. The images are yours- so you can definitely take them and print them elsewhere and I would be more then happy to suggest other printing labs.
  • MY STYLE: All of the images I deliver are edited. I try to keep my images clean, sharp and classic. I try to be extremely intentional in my work, I love looking for lines, and shapes and colors and connecting all of these outside elements with people. While I do capture in the moment photos, and candid photos, I am always looking to put my couples against different backdrops and textures.
  • ARE YOU AWKWARD? Yep, I’ve heard this to many times before. This is why I work so hard on gaining your trust, and establishing a fun relationship. You are looking through my gallery and thinking, ” I don’t look like that.” ” we don’t take great pictures” “we’ve never had professional images before”  Ha, we are our own worst critic. The truth about candid images or ‘ unposed’ images is that they are all slightly posed. Unless you can 110% let your guard down and just be together in front of me I will always make taking pictures easy, and you guys will look damn good doing it.
  • THE EXPERIENCE: THIS IS THE REAL DEAL! I have been a bride before and I know. I just know that most other vendors and photographers will not invest their time and energy into you like I am about to. Your wedding deal is personal and vulnerable, and I am with you all day. Showing up as a stranger hired to do a this type of  job is invasive if we don’t know each other. I get that some people are cool with that but I am not. In fact, this exact experience is what pushed me into wedding photography to begin with. I want this entire deal, to be fun and over the top! Find me on Insta, add me on FB and stay in the loop. I also have a FB hangout group that I add all of my brides too- I share tips, and tricks and other fun things, all of my brides past and present are in the group and have already experienced this  journey or are on the same one as you.
  • READY TO BOOK? When you are ready to book, I will send over a proposal that needs to be signed, and I need a $700 retainer to lock us in. I typically book 12-18 months in advance on average but if your not ready and your date starts to show some interest I will let you know and give you the first opportunity to snag it.




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