First look?

I might be a little biased since I am pro- first looks! If you remain unconvinced after reading this page, traditional is still kinda cool. The weddings I shoot I realize more and more brides aren’t sure what this is, or the benefits it brings to their day. Well, it is what it says.. A first look.

You and your soon to be will share a very special moment together before your ceremony ( I’ll be there also!)

It is a very intimate moment between you and your partner (and me!)before the ceremony. This will allow you to release some nerves and share a private moment during the day. As an avid supporter of a first looks, I included a list of all the reasons why they are great!

  • allows you to cry and share a moment privately
  • it will allow you an immense amount of photo time beforehand. Most of the time, portraits are crammed in after the family formals. If portraits do not happen after family formals, then they will happen during your cocktail hour. Having this time before your ceremony will give you a chance to actually be a part of cocktail hour!
  • It will give you a better variety of images. Like I said before, portraits usually happen AFTER family portraits. Sometimes family portraits can take a long time leaving you with just a little bit of time afterwards.
  • you can kiss before the ceremony!

Maybe not a long list but all important.