Wedding Photographer, #girlboss and die-hard BSB fan. Like seriously, play me some Backstreet at your wedding and I will OWN it! **hold my camera

I graduated high school, was working a shitty full-time job and in school for photography. I clearly wasn’t happy with my day job but the consistent paycheck was nice and exciting as a young adult. I’ve always been a creative person who loved to hustle. I never in a million years saw myself working as a wedding photographer, I never had wedding dreams as a young girl or any of that cliche bullshit you hear so often. I wanted to travel and work for National Geographic, and experience cultures and new people. College really pushed me to start working with subjects (like people lol) posing them, making them feel comfortable with me and understanding the light I was given. Aside, from school and photography, I really like people. You can put me in any room in any situation with complete strangers, and I will walk away with a handful of new friends. I have always been this way for as long as I can remember.  It took me a few years, a really bad family session and a few other mediocre photographer experiences, but I finally found my niche’ in wedding photography.  Meeting couples, getting to know their stories, creating a friendship and delivering an over-the-top experience for people has really been my specialty, sprinkled with a gallery of beautiful wedding images.

In 2017 I quit my day job and have been pursuing photography full time. I divide my time between Florida, NYC and take on a handful of destinations each year. Although this lifestyle sounds pretty CRAZY I’m really excited about my growing business and the opportunities to meet so many incredible people. I am determined to show my daughter what it looks like to embrace your strength and work for the things you want in life. My hobbies other than photography include spending time with my daughter, #treatyoself days, wine + tequila (but not together…that would be weird), and did I mention jamming to BSB lolol

 I love cats, The Office, vegan chocolate cookies and heavy music.  I grew up in Naples and now live in Tampa to finish off school. I started going to school for ****, but I hated it! I’ve always documented my life,for as I can remember. After much hating of my classes my mom (out of all people), was the one to say, “hey- why don’t you focus on doing photography full time instead?”  That’s when I quit my restaurant job, switched my major to photography, and I haven’t looked back since! At first, I was so determined to be a fashion photographer and only that, as I progressed in fashion I just couldn’t help but feel like something was missing. One day, I had a friend who needed a second photographer for a wedding, with no experience at all I worked my first wedding.  I WAS HOOKED. I knew right away that THIS was that little missing piece I needed.