Ashley Izquierdo
Wedding Photographer, #girlboss
I’m an Instagram loving,  adventure seeking, Backstreet Boy fanatic. Play me a BSB song at your wedding and I will OWN the dance floor for a solid 3 minutes **hold my camera 😉
In 2009 I was working a shitty full time job and in school for photography. Work sucked but the consistent paycheck was nice and exciting as a young adult. I’ve always been a creative person who loves to hustle. It took me a few years, and a few mediocre photographer experiences myself, but I finally found my niche’ in wedding photography. Meeting couples, getting to know their stories, and delivering an over-the-top experience for them is fun, and so rewarding.
Ultimately, (recently) I quit my 9-5 and have been pursuing photography full time!  I’m really excited for my growing business and I’m so proud to show my daughter what it looks like to embrace your strength and work for the things you want.
I bring the FIREE to every wedding I photograph. I’m here to give you an incredible experience and images that you can cherish for a lifetime.