When candid meets classic.

My style is candid with a classic twist. I deliver the classic portraits to hang on your walls and  mix it up with all the real moments in between. I understand how important both styles are. During wedding day chaos I am everywhere and in between. I will lightly guide you and talk to you so that you are relaxed and comfortable. I don’t do the awkward or forceful posing and don’t follow pinterest lists, I take a real approach that fits your wedding.

Reach out to me; I want to talk to you, and I want to get to know you! Being your wedding photographer means more to me then a payday. I build a great relationship with you so that on wedding day, you trust me to get what matters.

When I walk into the getting ready rooms on wedding day I arrive with great energy, ready to do my best.. and dance. I like to think I am the perfect blend of personal and professional. You have invited me to share what will easily be one of your most vulnerable days. This type of trust can’t be established through emails but over time, through lots of conversations and interactions.